A type of content that is associated with Licenses, Organizations, and Vendors, Resources could be any time of database/electronic material or collection of these. Pricing is visible to authenticated users.

To create a Resource:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your site.
  2. Choose Content > Add Content > Resource.
  3. Title: begin by entering the Resource Name.
  4. Participating Institutions: indicate one or more Organizations that are associated with this Resource.
  5. Description: enter a Description of the Resource.
  6. License: choose the license which applies to this Resource.
  7. License Begins: enter the License start date.
  8. License Ends: enter the License end date.
  9. Simultaneous Users: Short text description of available subscription options, e.g. “Index or Fulltext”, “Elite or Premier or Complete”, “1 SU or 5 SU or Unlimited”, “Index plus zero or more FT collections: Art, Biology, ...”
  10. Pricing: enter the pricing information. Only displays for authenticated users.
  11. Vendor: indicate which Vendor produces this Resource.
  12. Vendor Description: enter the URL to page on external vendor website which describes the product.
  13. Content Producer: identify a cotnent producer if different form the Vendor.
  14. Chron coverage: choose the chronological coverage: e.g. “1984-present”.
  15. Content Types: choose types of content.
  16. Usage Stats: Short text with URL; description of where to obtain stats from.
  17. FT Titles: e.g. “2,766”, “Over 800”
  18. Title Lists: enter URL to page on external vendor website where title lists can be found.
  19. Multi-Year Contract: indicate the end date and any associated notes.
  20. Counter-Compliant: indicate whether the Resource is Counter-Compliant.
  21. Multi-Consortial Note: indicate any associated notes.
  22. Generic URL: URL to connect to the resource, for resources where all libraries connect on the same URL.
  23. Notes on Subscribers: public note.
  24. Private notes: enter staff notes.
  25. If you wish to preview your item, click “Preview”. When you are satisfied with your work, choose “Save”.
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